Wilkinson County Culvert Replacement

wilkinson-county-culvert-replacementWilkinson County (GA) Little Commissioner Creek Culvert Replacement

BASF Catalysts LLC

Little Commissioner Creek Culvert

Construction Cost

Awarded 2007; Completed 2008

General Description
Commissioned by BASF Catalysts, Inc., Triple Point Engineering teamed with KGB Environmental LLC to permit and design a new road to serve heavy off-road equipment over Little Commissioner Creek and its wide wetland and floodplain in Wilkinson County, GA. During the course of the work, we evaluated alternative solutions to replacing the existing culvert, including precast concrete pipe sections and cast-in-place concrete. BASF made the final choice to construct a cast-in-place four barrel 10’x10′ box culvert at the creek crossing. The drainage basin for this culvert location exceeds 48 square miles. USACE permitting was a detailed part of this work and included an alternatives analysis including the “no-build” scenario.

Innovative Concepts
KGB Environmental, LLC prepared and submitted the permit forms to the USACE, while TPE provided data and exhibits to KGB Environmental for the application. Extensive geotechnical investigations, structural analysis, hydrology and hydraulics studies, and design work were required to complete this project. We assisted BASF during the bidding and construction phase of the work.