Sanitary Sewer Expansion

Peach County, Georgia

Southwest Peach County Sanitary Sewer Expansion

Construction Cost

Awarded 2010; Completed 2012

General Description
Peach County owns and operates a sanitary sewer collection system that serves unincorporated portions of the County just outside the city limits of Fort Valley. The County has planned for the expansion of the sewer collection system to serve an existing subdivision that has a number of failing septic systems.

Innovative Concepts
TPE conducted the preliminary engineering to evaluate the feasibility and cost of constructing sanitary sewer in the existing developments. It was determined the system expansion will require approximately 7 miles of 8-in gravity sewer, 150 manholes, and 3-pump stations/force mains that will include extensive road encroachment and road repaving. Peach County authorized TPE to proceed with the Preliminary Engineering Report and Environmental Information Document preparation for USDA-RUS funding for the project and is working with the City’s engineer to tie into the City’s collection system and pump stations.