Peach County Culvert Replacement

peach-county-culvert-replacementPeach County (GA) Rolling Hills Road Culvert Replacement

Peach County, GA

Rolling Hills Road Culvert Replacement

Construction Cost

Awarded 2009; Completed 2010

General Description
In the fall of 2009, heavy rains washed out numerous county-road culverts in Peach County, GA. TPE provided a HEC RAS hydrology/hydraulics study to determine the size and orientation of a replacement culvert pipe. The goal of the project was to replace the culvert with a suitably sized structure in a drainage basin of approximately one square mile.

Innovative Concepts
The culvert was sized to protect the road and oriented to pass water safely by the downstream residence. Downstream channel modifications were incorporated into the design to further protect the downstream properties. The Rolling Hills Road Culvert replacement project was partially funded by FEMA. HMW assisted Peach County with its negotiations with FEMA, who originally wanted a smaller pipe installed.