Environmental Project: Twiggs County


Twiggs-Wilkinson Joint Landfill Commission

Expansion and Hydrogeological Assessment

Construction Cost
1 Million

Completed 2003

General Description
Triple Point Engineering (TPE) developed the site’s construction plans and overall specifications . In addition, we managed the construction bid process, and conducted construction reviews for a 4-acre cell expansion of the MSWL. TPE was also involved in a hydrogeological investigation of the complex hydrogeological regime in order to enhance the Groundwater Monitoring Plan.

Innovative Concepts
TPE utilized sonic drilling technology to further characterize the hydrogeology of the site, which provided much needed continuous soil cores for the selected areas and allowed for geologic mapping at a detailed scale. Following the site investigation, a Groundwater Monitoring Plan was designed and well placement and monitoring frequency were negotiated with the Georgia EDP.